I want to have girlfriend but I don't have a car do you think this is a reason to not have gf?

I like to have girlfriend and there's some girls I'm interested in but I don't have a car and that stop me to ask them to go out with me like restaurant or mall I mean if I have girlfriend without car it's tough like I must go to the street and stop taxi then pay to the taxi too, which will make me spend more money and I don't like the whole idea. The funny thing I can buy car but can't have license drive Even I'm amble to drive!

Do you think this is a reason to not have gf?


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  • That is silly and you know that. You're simply finding excuses not to do anything.

    • No it's difficult here to date without car The society look for the man that has no car as poor man. However will give it a chance why not

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  • Never stopped any guy prior
    In college many just had walking dates and they were popular... mode more so by this demand keeping businesses open like movies, coffee & dairy bars, diners, et al. Many could find part-time jobs nearby so if something special merited it, they could hire a taxi or double date with a car owner & split the gas.


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  • Is this a developed-nation thing where there is no cheap public transport available? (Like bus?)

    And no, it should not stop you from having a girlfriend. Just keep in mind not to spend more than what you earn.

  • I think as long as you have a job, you're fine.