Guys, weird or normal?

A 27 year old girl dating a 21 year old guy. Too much of an age gap?

I'm not expecting forever or anything; I just really like him and would like to enjoy it for what it is, whatever this ends up being, but I wanted to gather outside opinions just out of curiosity.

Also, not sure if this matters, but neither of us knew what the other person's age was when we started dating. In hindsight I guess one of us should have asked right out the gate, but it didn't cross either of our minds initially because we just happened to click personality-wise.


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  • I think it's fine.

    • It's nice to hear from a guy closer to my age too. Thanks.

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    • Of course! Yours was very kind and encouraging. I appreciated that and your candor. Thank you!

    • Thank you, I wish the very best


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  • As long as he is not shorter then you as well, it might work.

    • LOL!! He's not.

    • Then it's okey, and lets face it, if it was the other way around you would had not asking if it's okey, didn't you? as long as you can handley a guy who is younger then you, is would be okey, soon you can join the list of other women who dating guys who are much younger then them, like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, and you was able to do that even without being rich and famous. :)

  • Totally fine. Enjoy it :)

    • Haha thank you. That is reassuring to hear.

  • its not normal

    • Appreciate your input.

  • Do it, thats the dream for a lot of us guys. If hit fits what you want and vice versa who cares?

    • LOL. Thanks for your input.