Too shy to ask crush out and he thinks I like someone else. What should I do?

I have a serious crush on this guy from my school. We snapchat a lot and talk (but only on parties when we're drunk cause we're both shy as hell). We said we're gonna do something together like meeting at his place and he was quite obvious about it being a real date but we didn't say when exactly. Like a week later I asked him if he was free on the weekend but he had plans and so we decided to do it another time. He looks at me all the time and at a party yesterday I was hanging out with a good guy friend and this friend and me went outside for a smoke and he was looking all the time, not being too happy. Whenever we talked he was staring and pulling an angrylike face. So today I was out with a couple and said friend and he happenend to be there too... So he saw us and now I think that he thinks I'm dating the other guy (who has a girlfriend...). I am too shy to ask again for a date but he's even worse than me... What should I doo?


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  • Get over your fear and tell him you like him


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  • Open up to him.