Does this guy really like me or not?

We've hung out a few times, we've talked on and off for a few months - mostly him bitching at me to meet him. We've had sex and he's said I'm very pretty, cute etc.

he's a bit immature for his age but he's sweet. He cooked for me, drove me to work etc.

He doesn't talk about a lot of girls - he mentions sluts he's been with but doesn't talk about close girlfriends.

He he texts me on and off, I don't want to reply to seem annoying when he does right away but sometimes he doesn't reply to me. So it'll be random where he's saying he'll pick me up to hang out but when I text on another day to come over there's no response. Does he just not like me?


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  • If he didn't like you, he wouldn't be talking to you. If he talks about 'sluts' he's been with, but no girlfriends, he might not know the appropriate way to act. He's very likely interested, because he does keep in touch and compliments you.

    It seems he might just want to be casual, but the only way to really know for sure what's up is to ask him.

  • Does he actually call these girls "sluts"?

  • Sounds like he likes you in a casual way.