What to do after a fight with your bf? (Read details below)?

Me and my boyfriend kinda had a fight over text. What happened was I mentioned something about friend and he's like "we're not just friends?" and I thought he meant weren't we always just friends so I said "yeah we're just friends" and he got really mad and now he's not talking to me. I appolgized a lot of times over text, I even tried calling but he didn't answer and he's just full on ignoring me. What can I do to make him forgive me and talk to me again?


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  • Give him space. He'll cool off.

    Don't be needy, that's the last thing you want to do. Unless you're both needy, it just comes off as kind of unattractive.

    Just call him a day or two if he doesn't text you and ask if he'd like to meet up so you can apologize in person.

    Please do yourself a favor and don't text arguments. It can severely hurt your relationship.

    Best of luck :)

    • Okay thanks! But what should I do if I already became "needy" by sending him a lot of messages? Will he hate because of that

    • At this point, best thing you can do is just stop being needy. If you keep on doing it, it'll make it worse. I speak from experience. I don't think he'll hate you.

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  • When my boyfriend and I fight we usually try to talk about it.. figure out where we went wrong. But when he's being a brat and ignores me I send him a message or leave him a voice mail saying I'm sorry and what not and at the end of the day he comes around because he knows that he's mad over something silly just like in your case.. calling your boyfriend your friend and him getting mad is kinda silly trust me he will laugh at it once he realizes it was dumb for him to be mad at in the first place, then again it was a misunderstood. .


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  • It's a stupid misunderstanding which is normal and bound to happen in a relationship. He needs to stop acting like a child and get over it. Clearly you interpreted it wrong. If he can't get over it you need to reconsider the relationship cause then he's really childish and lacks emotional intelligence.