To date or not to date... that is the question?

Hi, so this one guy I know wants to set me up with this girl that his wife knows and is their friend. I am told that she is super nice, has a heart of gold and cute. So I am thinking this all sounds good so far but then he tells me that she is a diabetic. After hearing that I got scared. I don't know really how a relationship works with this as I don't know of anyone who is or is this a red flag and I should stay clear of her... I just have no clue about this... so my question is do I go on a date with her or do I stay clear? Thanks!


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  • whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the heartbreak of unrequited love,
    or to courageously take arms against fear, and by opposing, end it, to win the heart of thy woman.

    ok ok, i wouldn't treat diabetes as a red flag. it's just an... extra. it shouldn't stop you from pursuing the possibility of something wonderful. what i suggest it get to know her as she is. flaws, quirks, strengths, diabetes and all. you must take a person as they come, and from there you figure out if you can weigh up these different traits against one another. you find more positives and more reasons to stay, then do so. if you feel it will not work, by all means, take it as a learning experience and move on =] you have nothing to lose.


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  • I respect her a looot.

    Many guys and girls fall in the trap of their SO having a medical case AFTER the marriage.

    Now it's all your decision you are under a situation where you can say Yes or No it's all your freedom. If you like her and you are genuine enough to accept her with her sickness then hats off for your humanity.


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  • Google diabetes & go on the date


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  • Just go on one date with her. It can't hurt. It just 1 date bro. Have a good time and enjoy yourself !

    Make your decision after the date.