How to tell if I have good woman?

I don't known if my girl is any good for me or if I'm right for her honestly.. We are alike and we both call each other out things... Way too much and it ends up in an arguments about how you do listen than one acts the same towards the other.


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  • A lot of people think of communication as listening to the other person, but what you need to do is understand what they are saying and then absorbing that information. If you are having disagreements often and about similar things then you aren't acting on the information. Do you discuss HOW you need to change in order to stop the arguments? That goes for both of you...

    • She says listen, i do... I stop Listing when she starts like assuming thongs about me.. Her Opinion I respect but I'm not gonna let affect me and that's were I honestly believe we have a problem but she says understands. And she'll go back and explain something about her? And I'm not sure if that's normal either.

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    • I can tell you we just haven't been together long enough just let her tell me well this what think about you of corse il consider what she's saying but I'm not gonna let that Affect me.

    • Thanks for the mho :)

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  • If you're already asking this question, then she isn't good for you, dude.


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  • make her use a shitty and slow windows 95 computer to see her true colours.


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  • hire a private detective and see how she is really like.