Too early to introduce to parents?

There's this guy I meet that I don't have any common friends with, he asked for my number after he asked me a question at a restaurant and after that we texted for a while and we've been on 3 dates. I really like him and I'm sure he likes me too (signs + he has told me). We haven't kissed or anything yet but there's attraction and we flirt, but there just hasn't been a great moment for that. At the last date we were on (3rd) he drove me halfway home cause my mom would pick me up. He asks if he should go before she comes or if he should stay and I said that it's ok if he stays and when my mom comes he asks if he should go and say hi and I reply that if he wants to he can, so he do so. A couple of days later when we talk on the phone he asks me if it was ok that he introduced himself to my mom and little sister and if I didn't like it I could tell him, but I don't really mind so I said that it was ok and that he didn't have to worry.
Is it too early for him too meet my family or is it ok since we're friends on the way to maybe something more?
And do you think he's glad to meet them or felt forced in some way? (hahah maybe hard for you to tell)


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  • He sound like he really likes you! Yes, its very fine to let him meet you family if he wants. I believe his guy is starting to get interested in pursuing a more serious relationship with you. Meeting the parents is the first big step in any relationship. Congratulations if you are also interested in a relationship! You should talk to him about it. Say something like "I dont understand why you want to meet my family, it just sounds like something a couple would do together, and I thought we werent at that level." Something like that...

  • You are 17 and your mom still picks you up there is no too soon for family to meet him. It's not like when your an independent adult.

    • true though hahah but I'm not even sure if he's mom knows about me, I know his friends does and when we talked about it he said he just haven't had the opportunity/doesn't know if he should just put it out there (he's 22 so it's not like his mom always wants to kniw where he's going), but is it a bad thing?

    • Sorry is what a bad thing. My parents know nothing about my love life.

  • Nah, I think it's stupid too say that there's a certain point in time you're allowed to meet the other person's family members. Honestly, who cares. And he didn't seem like he felt pressured.