Is it wrong that I am freaked out?

I dated this girl for over two years and then we broke up because of my stubbornness. I have since reconciled my ways and realized that she is the one for me and am giving her my all. She tells me that she does want to be with me, but just doesn't trust that I am all the back to my old self and wants to ease back into this. I completely understand her issue with that. Here is what I have an issue with. She just graduated college and is moving to a large city for her job. A guy that lived 4 doors down in the dorm with her is moving to the same city for a 4 month internship and they are rooming together. She says that there is nothing between them and that it will just be nice for a small town girl to have a male presence with her for her first couple of months in a big city. I am totally freaked out about this, am I wrong? If you need more details just ask me.


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  • I can understand why you are freaked out, especially since you were together for so long. But (as you no doubt know by now) girls are very different from guys. We can quite easily live in a platonic relationship with men. I have personally lived with something like 12 men (not related to me) and only 2 of those were because I was in a relationship with the guy. The other 10 or so guys, it rarely got anything beyond platonic. Now I won't lie to you. Almost every single guy asked me out, hit on me, or otherwise tried to get me to sleep with him. But nothing ever happened. Wanna hear something REALLY weird? One of the guys that I lived with that I was NOT dating was actually an ex. So we dated BEFORE we lived together but never once after. My boyfriend at the time was really not happy about that one but he had to live with it, lol. That was a short term situation but it still happened without anything "happening" between us. Basically my point is that nothing is going to happen unless the girl wants it to. And if she lets something happen with this guy then you don't want her anyway! I know it would hurt if she did end up getting together with this guy, but don't you want her to be with you because she wants to be with you and not because you managed to keep away any other guys that she might want more? It's like that cliche "if you love someone, set them free".


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  • okay. this is interesting ;;

    your ex girlfriend is still in love with youu and wants you to turn back into who you used to be when yous got together?

    alright well I know for a fact that it's hard for someone to change into who they where when they first met there love one. You changed because you got comfortable with her and she needs to understand that. you should not have to change back into that person AT ALL if you don't want to nor know how to, Because most people don't know how to change back into there old selves. you just just tell her that she loved you before why can't she love you now ?

    And as for the whole moving in with another guy in college that's wrong! you should not let her do that, because most likely she is cheating on you with him or is going to because a guy and a girl in the same dorm together. what would anybody else do ?

    good luucck(:


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  • I would be terrified as well, go karate chop them apart and room with her instead of him.