How can I help my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend are in a play together. She had a bad dream that she was in the back room by herself when a killer broke into the church where our play is. She said they shot everyone but us. Me and her ran out of there along with one of her friends. We rode into town but she said this guy was throwing explosive boms at us. She said one hit our car but we got I got out ok but her and her friend was still in it. When he threw the next bom at them she woke up and she cried. She's afraid to go back to sleep. We're doing tech week this week she doesn't want to go but she has too. She feels scared she can't get back to sleep. With these shootings and terrorist attacks going on this week she's been nervous and having nightmares. How can I make her feel better?


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  • Remind her that it was only a nightmare.
    Give her a hug, get her some chocolate and be there for her. Your presence will soothe her.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm sorry man it seems like a phobia.
    Try not to think about terrorists and don't follow the news about that.
    Talk about good things and forget that sh*t.