The girl you've been seeing for a few months now (not yet official) is going on a party holiday to Europe for a month- how would you feel?

Would you see other people while she was away?

I ask ask because in going away and were not official but I worry because he's very much into sex (wouldn't call him an addict but he's nearly there) and I'm worried what will happen while I'm gone. For example I leave and he realises that he doesn't want me

althiugh I went away for a week last year and he said it made him anxious that I was getting with someone else.


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  • Simply promise you will watch what you drink and be smart but also enjoy the party. Just be smart and avoid any thing TOO dumb.


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  • I would be concerned as well, only because I'm slightly insecure. (Well, okay maybe a bit more)
    But still, yeah I'd be concerned


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  • They would probably feel a little uncomfortable.