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Text a girl to let her know your thinking of her?

I want to text this girl to let her know that I'm thinking of her...Is it creepy to just straight up say "hey, just thinking about you" or should I... Show More

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  • Do it! That's super cute. If I guy I'm crushin sent me that it would prob like make me walk clouds. :D

What Girls Said 5

  • No it's not creepy at all but really sweet. You can text her that. A guy once texted me something like "What you doin besides thinking about me?" and I was like he was thinking about me. Just do it now.

  • Well, are you dating the girl? Does she like you? If yes to either of those, then definantly! It's sweet, and it's not creepy at all

  • agreed, do it! most guys should do that often if they're actually thinking of us. the small things like that show us you really care.

  • Well if you are friends with her then it would be OK, but I wouldn't say straight up "hey, just thinking of you" that would be weird, but if you are dating then its perfectly fine, just try and use different wording

What Guys Said 2

  • I personaly say not. if your dating then she will know your think about her becouse you will invite her out on a date... she her affection when you see her and your with her, don't txt it.. if you must then call her and let her know but like I said I personally wouldn't do that.

  • I don't think it is too strange to say you are thinking about someone. I do understand that you don't want to give her too much attention too. You don't really need to say that you are thinking about her because if you are sending her a text you most certainly are thinking about her. All you really have to do is be engaging and that is pretty easy. link

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