Is this a bad position to be in?

So I'm dating this guy and I asked him "Where am I now?" Am I Temporary? He told me not sure.

Is this a bad thing would love guys and girls opinions please.


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  • It's a bad thing if you want more. If you are okay with it then it doesn't matter. But it sounds like he's not sure how much he likes you, or he doesn't want to admit it. Would also be good to have context, I'm sure you weren't asking in a joking way, but if he thought it was, he could have just been teasing.

    • I don't think he thought of it as a joking way he said that I was being pushy and wasn't letting things flow and that it was helping the situation. Do you think I am able to fix That? I said that I would give him his space. He said okay talk about it today. I'm not talking to him unless he initiates

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    • I want him to think of me as more. I'm In the beginning it seemed like he did. You think of I leave him alone that he might realize?

    • No, things like that don't work. There's nothing you can do to convince him, he has to want it himself.

  • Not sure? Girl, you're wasting your time. It seems to me he doesn't take your "relationship" , or whatever it is, seriously. You should to let him know how you feel.

    • He says I am being pushy and that it isn't helping the situation. I asked if he wanted space he never said anything. Just that he isn't trying to make me feel bad

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    • I would think so. I kind of don't want to continue with him if he thinks of me as temporary because I want to work towards something more

    • Yeah, you gotta let him know that. Let him know that you want something more so he needs to let you know if this isn't real so you can move on with your life. 👌