How can I repair things after after making a drunken fool of myself?

On Saturday night I went out with a bunch of my friends and ran in to a guy that I've had a thing for for about a year. We live in different cities so I never pursued him but now that I've moved I was hoping eventually we could connect. Well, I finally got my window that night but unfortunately it came after 1 too many tequila shots and he ended up having to see the complete drunken fool in me. I've felt terrible about it ever since mostly because I never got the chance to see him the next day and apologize for my behaviour. I can't stop thinking about it because I'm embarrassed for what I may have said or did, and I just want him to know that that's not the real me. I've been debating getting his number through a mutual friend and asking him out for coffee just to clear the air. Is this advisable or should I just walk away? I realize I may have ruined my chance at anything romantic, but at the very least I just want to apologise and maybe salvage a little dignity.


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  • you were drunk. he should be able to understand that

    do you expect to run into him sometime soon?

    • Not really, potentially on August long weekend.

    • then sure maybe you ask for the number. just call him and say that you know this is strange but you felt really uncomfortable with the way he may have seen you that night. explain that you were full on party mode and just wanted to make sure you didn't make a bad impression on him

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  • I don't see what's wrong with getting his number. Do you have social media? You can always FB him too? Just remember you're human and mistakes happen. Everyone has had rough nights, including him most likely

    • Should I leave it and hope he has totally forgotten about it too? Or should I try to make amends? My hesitation is that I don't want to make a big deal out of somethin that isn't... know what i mean? But I also want to do damage control of I really did fuck up.

    • I doubt you could have it messed it up THAT much. If I were you I'd honestly just leave it. If however you are hoping to further the friendship with him by reaching out then I'd contact him as a means to get to know him more.


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  • You can't. It's over.


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  • ask him out for a coffee, have your say, laugh about it. everyone does silly stuff after to many drinks