How will I know when a guy wants to be chase?


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  • When he really likes you but most likely he will chase you or u two will just date. Usually the girl doesn't chase the guy if he likes her back.

    Now when a girl chases a guy that doesn't like her back its irritating as FUCK!!! this one girl couldn't stop texting me or talking to me and given me frikin hugs and I made it very clear I didn't want to hang out with her nvmd date her. (don't do that for sure)

    • Well I'm not really sure. I met this guy the last time we text was last Thursday. I haven't hear from him. Since then I don't know if he's just not interested or he wants me to show that I'm interested? I did end the conversation by saying I would talk to him later that was it tho. What do you think?

    • If he is interested back he should be willing to text you. Now maybe he is just not the bravest guy out there (or like you mentioned, he may think your not interested and doesn't want to bother you) so you could initiate the texting but keep it casual. Then with his responses you should have a good guess on how the dude feels. Either he is excited to talk to you and keeps texting and asking questions or he sounds bored, responds with short messages, and takes really long to reply back.
      Also, if this guy takes days to respond but ultimately does reply and this happens several times, the dude is being a dick and trying to be hard to get (u know he can make you "chase" him a touch if that's what u feel like doing but when it goes too far and he's treating himself like kingshit then this probably isn't the best guy to go out with)

  • None of us like it


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