Any advice for asking a model out/getting her number?

So I saw this girl (and she saw me) at my religious service after maybe 10 years, and she is now a model for a well-known agency. I didn't recognize her at the service until I went home and my parents told me that was indeed her (our parents know each other), and they suggested I start talking to her. I found out she's single which was mind-blowing considering she's drop dead gorgeous. Anyhow, I heard from my parents that she doesn't come to service very often, so I'm not going to get many chances, if any again. Honestly she's way better looking than any girl I've ever talked to, so basically I'm looking for some pointers on how I can approach her and get her number if I ever see her since she probably gets approached by guys all the time.


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  • lots of good looking girls are single , there is lots of super hot singles. you need to get out more and meet them.
    I think maybe there is a chance you might be able to talk to her at church , its something you have in common and not a lot of competition there , you could also try contacting her online if she kind of knows you by now , like add her and see if she responses or wait to ask for a number in person


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  • Are you good-looking and successful?

    • I'm like a 7/10 and yes I'm successful but that doesn't really matter these days.

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