How do I get the cute guy at the gyms attention?

How do I get the cute guy at the gyms attention? I recently started weighttraining with a guy friend (older gentleman) at the gym, and there is one particular guy that has caught my eye. I told my workout buddy (harry) that i think he's cute, and he's trying to help me break the ice with him. Because of Harrys help, we've talked a few times. The first time, the cute guy (i dont even know his name) asked me if i was still using the machine i had my towel on, and i said no and apologized. I went to go put away my dumbells and harry started talking to him. When I returned, i joined the conversation. Yesterday, i saw him again and harry asked him if there was someone who wanted to use that machine he was on. He said there's a line. When i passed by, he said hi to me, and i smiled and said hi back. That could have been because i was staring while i walked by... I don't know. I saw him again today, but i didn't get a chance to talk to him. I think i saw him look at me? I didn't see him when i first got there, but i turned around some time later and saw him. He was looking in my direction, but I don't know if he was looking at me. I pretended i didn't see him, but i should have said hi... ugh! He works out with a bunch of friends, so its a little intimidating to go up and start talking to him. How do I get his attention more? Id like to get to know him, but am a little intimidated.


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  • People r not complicated
    Simply walk up
    N state what's on your mind

    The only thing that stops you
    Is the expectations you've created
    Surrounding the moment
    Which isn't even real


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  • Start squatting in front of his face.


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  • Here's the thing. Your buddy Harry sounds like a cool dude but... doesn't sound like a great wing-man. Just keep at it, maybe he thinks Harry is your dad, older brother or boyfriend.

  • Sorry but I think he is attracted to Harry.

  • Wear booty shorts


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