Guys? Would you ask this girl out again or move on?

I went on a first date with a girl but she was obviously pulling back when I started touching her. She just walked away when I tried to give her a goodbye kiss/hug.


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  • Doesn't hurt to ask. The answer is the same whether you ask or not, but at least you'd know for sure if you ask

  • Are you sure you tried to kiss her?

    • She slipped away and said bye before I even got to get hold of her lol

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    • So are you saying I'm supposed grab hold of her and not let her go?

    • Yeah

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  • no. if it was me i wouldn't.

    where did you guys meet anyway? and what made her go out with you?

    • It was the "let's see what will happen" kind of date between us

    • her mind to me is made up. nothing coming from it. i could be wrong tho. to really find out, dont contact her and see what happens. girls who want to be around a guy and what not will contact them.

    • "Have u got home yet?" Does that count?