She likes me a lot but wants me to date other girls?

I met a girl online a few months ago and we were talking daily ever since. Unfortunately, we live a few hours a part from each other, but have met up twice. So, about a month ago she left for a summer vacation by herself. And although she was gone, we still managed to keep in touch on a daily basis and everything still seemed just as great as it was before she left. But about a week or two ago, I noticed the quality of her texts to me began to lessen and we didn't talk as frequently. I felt as though i was initiating all of our talks, so to test the waters, I didn't initiate contact for about 5 days. But after seeing that she was still able to post up pictures on social media, I knew she wasn't as busy as I thought she may have been, so I decided to text her.

After some talking, I asked her if she still wanted to meet up after vacation. She then replied with ," I will have to see what my schedule is like" or "I will let you know when I'm free." These answers didn't cut it for me, as I felt like she wasn't really giving me a straight answer. So I asked again and she said she does want to meet up, but that she needs to tell me something about how she feels. She then proceeds to tell me that she thinks I'm a great guy and that she likes me a lot, but that she is not ready for commitment in a relationship. She then said, verbatim, "I dont want you to wait for me and I want you to try to enjoy yourself to date around."

I tried following up with questions that would dig deeper behind what she was trying to really tell me. I asked if she met someone else on vacation, or if it was something I did, etc. But what I got from all of her answers was that she wasn't seeing anyone else and that she wanted her independence and space longer. I haven't heard from her since this morning, but I imagine I may later.
So, is she really just saying she wants to date other guys, so its only fair I date other girls? Trying to gradually get rid of me? Hoping I find someone else?


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  • She doesn't like you. She sees you as a friend


What Guys Said 2

  • Let me translate that for you

    "I dont want you to wait for me and I want you to try to enjoy yourself to date around." - I want to date other guys

    Do you even think she's on a holiday alone? No one goes alone on holidays. My advise is move on, you can't make it work cause there's nothing there.

  • She's not into you at all, find another girl.