Jealous about guy friend on dating websites?

I got a pretty good guy friend that I like and want more with. But he doesn't want more. So we're just friends.

I see that he is active on dating websites like match. com and okcupid. He's free to do whatever he wants, but it still hurts. I worry my friend will find someone and more or less replace me. And I still wish there was more between us.

Seeing his online whereabouts only hurts me. It's self-destructive, but I still "need" to know (yeah, I can just stop doing it, but I wouldn't be asking my question if it were that easy.)

Anyone got any advice on how to be OK with him dating/pursuing other people? What worked for you in this situation? I know I need to let my wish to be together go, but it ain't that easy. If someone is on a dating site everyday, does that mean they are talking to someone? What do you personally do on dating websites if you're not looking or talking to specific people?

Anything would be helpful. Thanks.

I understand the reality of the situation. But it doesn't make my feelings go away. How do I cope with the jealousy? We are still friends in spite of how I feel.


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  • You don't have a choice. He dosent like you that way


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  • He can't replace you, you're not his girlfriend, as cruel as this sounds :(


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  • if you want him, and have feelings for him, than tell him, because if i were in his situation id see your just a friend and nothing else

  • not worth being with someone who doesn't want u


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