When is the good time to be introduced?

I've been dating this guy for over a year. We're 26, both have jobs, everything is going great. Except the fact that he hasn't introduced me to his friends. When I asked him about that and suggested that he gets to know mine friends, He said he knows them all and that his friends know about me. And couple of days ago i overheard his close friend talking to one of my colleagues that she's been trying to find out who is he dating, since no one from his circle of friends knows that. All this time I thought this was serious between us and know I don't think he feels the same. Any advice or has anyone been in the same situation? Thanks :)


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  • Maybe he's a private man.


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  • I honestly think that you should be introduced way before the year mark. I also think that a year is enough where you should be able to have that discussion with him and tell him what you heard and ask him why it sounded like his friends DIDN'T know about you (in a non-accusatory way of course). Next time just start inviting him to things with your friends and see how he reacts.