Feeling guilty about sleeping with someone else behind friends with benefits back?

So I'm seeing this guy casually for six months and although I've asked for more, he refuses because he doesn't want to lose his freedom. He claims he really likes me and wants to eventually go further but him only seeing me for an hour for sex, texting me when he wants it and never sleeping over is getting a bit old for me now but he won't let me leave. Everytime I try to break it off he pleads with me to stay. My ex has got back in contact recently and last night he came over to mine and we slept together. But now I feel really guilty like I've cheated on my friends with benefits or something. I'm always safe by the way and always get checked out. My friends with benefits claims that he hasn't slept with anyone else though I don't believe him. There's been times I've suspected. But it's none of my business cause we aren't together. But now I feel like I'm being disloyal to him. Like I've done wrong. What if he hasn't slept with anyone else and I'm just tryin to tell myself that so I feel less guilty... I don't know what to do I'm confused. At the time it felt right because I'm young, single and can do what I want as long as I'm safe but I also feel awful for doing it? Am I in the wrong?


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  • You shouldn't feel guilty. He isn't willing to commit to you so he has no right to expect you to be loyal to him


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  • Like he said you're both free... It's all fine, you don't have a boyfriend do whatever you want