Why am I so uncomfortable with dating women a few years older than me?

I think it's because they are at a place in their life with a good job and their own place. Is that a big deal? Or would most women wait a couple years to start a life with a guy they really liked?


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  • What do you mean by "Or would most women wait a couple years to start a life with a guy they really liked?" ?

    • If they are ready to move in together and have a better job while I'm living with my grandfather and don't make enough to live somewhere else. Ominous college and and that's where most of my money goes. I still have enough to go out once and a while but won't be able to do much else until I finish my program.

    • I have always liked to date with women who were my seniors by some years.
      On average, what they will like least is your insecure attitude. The "if" 's and "later" 's.

      If serious reciprocal liking is there, and no freeloading intentions are there, income difference, or lack of income on one of the two sides, isn't going to be a problem.

      Charm them with confidence... and don't induce them to feel they are the party with something to lose. Make them feel the converse instead. It is their big chance :)..

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  • I don't think it's a big of a deal.. Some like older some like younger. It's ok


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