Should I believe him?

A guy that I am dating for a month and a half says that he isn't dating /seeing anyone else. Should I believe him? He also told me last night that he really doesn't trust me he thinks that I would play him that I could be talking to other guys. I told him that I wouldn't do that and I wouldn't hurt him. Is this kind of trust going to take time to build? I also feel the same way he does.


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  • hmm y'all bother are insecure and that is not good. Already thinking negative when you just started dating. Relax. Your thinking too much. Just enjoy each other. You can't worry about if they are dating others bc you have no control over that and they are still single to do that if they want too.

    Just worry about dating him and seeing where it goes. If he said no, then believe it unless you catch him or something by accident, not by you snooping. As for him, he needs to chill out too. y'all are both already doubting each other and worrying about what else y'all are doing like you are in a relationship or something. Stop it. Your still too new. Its not even serious yet

    • He said he would be upset if I dated other and doesn't want me to. I am trying to just enjoy our time together and not think about anything like that it is just hard for me I try to just think positive.

  • why would you be dating someone you don't trust? Is just too much drama, think to yourself if it's worth ruin a friendship over a relationship where you don't have trust in one another

    • I trust him and want to but he has a tinder which makes me not want to. I want him to able to trust me. He has been cheated on before and I think he thinks I'm going to do the same thing. I told him I would never do that to him