Guys, Any guys dating and older female, would like to hear honest thoughts of how you feel?

Your own personal stories interest me but also your opinions on mine. Im 45 but do look younger and look after myself he's 30. been seeing eachother for three months and get on great, sex is always improving because he wants to learn.. he then disappeared cut contact after five days we talked and he was really sorry and point was needed to tell me he wants more children in the future and didn't think i would. so now he's said that he's gone back to wanting to see me, am i right in thinking he's told me so made it clear this is not long term but happy for the ride right now? im not criticising because i told him i didn't see a realistic future and he seemed shocked and said age doesn't matter to him. should add he was married for ten years to a woman 15 years older. after all the waffle my point is can men go along for the ride full well knowing theyll walk at some point? and i should guard myself for this

interesting no responses so if i added the sexual benefits any answers?


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  • I'd say you're spot on. He doesn't see a future with you but his urges and impulses have led him back to you to enjoy himself. If you know it will hurt you when he leaves again, don't get involved again.

  • I have dated men that was that much younger. I never ever thought we had a future. It was just a physical thing... that is all. But now I am in a relationship with a man my age. Much better.. we can plan a life together. But you can enjoy it for a while...