Why do some guys whine about being virgins in their 20s/30s and complain as if it's women's fault? And they complain as if they are entitled?

Entitled to women, and that its women's fault that they don't like them or that they are still Virgini or don't have a girlfriend and then they complain that girls love bad boys or have daddy issues or call them b******, maybe girls don't want boring nice guys and they want someone fun, not a typical pushover, why don't guys get it, there seems to be a lot of angry men on here that have never had girlfriends and are in their 30s, maybe if they stop expecting so much or expecting girls to be perfect or Virgins then they will be able to find a girlfriend instead of their hand, am I right?


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  • yeah, entitlement is definitely the word for it.
    There's a lot of guys that complain about how women won't sleep with them, but then turn around and call a girl a whore because she's had sex before. Like, if every woman in her 20's stopped having sex to avoid being called a whore, then all the straight men in their 20's would be virgins too!


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  • We live in the age of victimhood. "It can't be my fault." I'm special and unique. I would say this is the result of having the participation trophy being given to everyone. Men have lost the drive for competition. If you want something, you have to fight for it.

    • Exactly, no one promised a rose garden.

    • Basically what your saying is we are raising sissies? Lol


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  • because it's easier for people to complain and blame their problems on others than to take a good hard look at themselves and own up to their mistakes and shortcomings.

  • You are not wrong about any of this.


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  • Why do you whine about other guys whining?

    • I'm just tired of seeing dudes having self pity acting like its the end of the world in their questions, I see it every time I log on here, anger and bitterness, I mean come on its not the end of the world and not every girl is going to like you because you are nice or respectful.

    • It's the internet, what do you expect?
      They can't complain about this stuff in real life so they dump it all out here.

      Your words of advice aren't going to reach them, especially not the way you phrased it. All this post will do is attract the people who already agree with you.