What's a good way to be romantic?

I know how to be romantic and all but I wanna know what small little things can I do for my girlfriend and those litte gestures that everyone loves that there soulmate does for them for example every time I see her at the end of the day I write on a post-it note a small little love not each day is different and she keeps them on her wall each with dates and numbered. So I just want another thing too besides that please answer thanks


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  • Get her flowers/chocolate, write her cheesy stuff, give her your jacket when she is cold and other shit like that.


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  • To me the romantic angle is often best saved up the sleeve as a hidden wildcard. If you do it all the time with those cute little gestures, it can kind of take away the effect and start to be taken for granted. If you stop doing it, the girl will suddenly think you lost interest by forgetting this kind of ritual.

    I like to do it out of the blue when it's least expected, like just once in a while, surprise the girl with a romantic dinner at home where I dress up all nice, get flowers, that sort of thing. It's something I try not to do often at all, maybe once a year, to really make the biggest impact.