Would it be alright to have your first boyfriend at the age of 22? Would that be a turn off? (low key freaking out)?

Hello! So I am currently 21, and I went on my first "date" on Wednesday (thanks to OkCupid) and it was an awkward disaster. I deleted my account soon after. Anyway, this guy at my junior college low key asked me out, and I made reasons as to why I couldn't go. 60 year old guy asked me out in target and on Instagram, a random guy sent me a photo of his dick. What I am saying is I really haven't met anyone who sits well with me. Also I don't do hookups and I have never been to a night club. I'll be 22 in October. Would that be a turn off to a potential guy that I have never been in a relationship? I haven't kissed anyone either (but actually I'm okay with that) Also it seems like guys I don't like approach me, like the guy in high school who asked me out and asked me to homecoming. Am I being picky? Should I be more open minded? Am I being too apprehensive? Am I concerned about nothing? Thanks😄


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  • Tip... date someone just to get it out of the way and don't look for your soul mate right off the bat. Aim to fail.

    • See I would man, but I can't just randomly date someone without being attracted to them. You feel? Also tbh, I don't think I have a soulmate but thanks.

  • your still young as fuck, just take it easy and be patient. no need to jump into sumthin and be unhappy


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  • Are you afraid to be in a relationship?

    • Not if it is with someone I feel an emotional connection and a physical connection to. I don't want to date someone just to get it out of the way. I want the relationship to be sincere and genuine (:

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    • No problem