Why is he like this?

Cut a long story short o let a guy 4. Months ago and at the start I really like him and I would've liked more but he was just want friends with benefits so because the sex was good we started meeting up now again just for fun. as time when by we started to not contact each other as much but I've noticed its he who contacts me even if we haven't spoken for a few weeks. He chats and meets other women !! So why come back to me? I've ended the friends with benefits I told him I'm wanting something more but we will still remain friends... What I want to know is if he's meeting other women why does he always end up coming to me? Maybe the Womem don't want him and he try's to fall back on me?


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  • I agree the other women don't want him or want to be bothered with him. He comes back to you to see if he can try to have sex with you again and also you allow him back in your life. Im glad you cut off the friends with benefits thing with him. He seems like a big player. He is lucky that you still even talk to him.

    • Well when I found out what he is doing I got my revenge !! I saw him on a dating site do I set up a fake account and messaged him and he fell for it ! He was asking to meet so we can get naughty ( not knowing its me ) i agreed so I told him a place where to meet. Half an hour away from his house ! The idiot travels to the place thinking he's meeting a women for sex but when he does I message him saying sorry your not my type lol what a fool

    • Lol nice. Im glad your got your revenge. Im glad you got back at him. Lol to bad you wasn't invisible to be their when he went to meet up with his fake date. Lol he probably looked and felt stupid. Serves him right for being a player. He shouldn't be hurting girls feelings.

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  • "So why come back to me?"
    Because he likes having sex with you.