Is my anxiety stopping me from kissing?

I have been on a few dates with this guy. I have genuinely had a good time but the most recent date I could tell that he wanted to kiss me. He never made the move but it got me questioning do I really want to kiss him? I have never had a "real" Kiss and just thinking about kissing gives me anxiety. Is it just the anxiety or do we just not have that so called spark? Should I feel the urge to kiss him?


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  • The media overly romanticizes first kisses, making it out as though fireworks suddenly appear in the background and the couple lives happily ever after.

    They're usually shit -- two inexperienced young people who don't know what they're doing, the guy not knowing how to hold the girl's head while slobbering over each other while the guy starts to wonder how the girl's boobs and twat are like.

    I just wanted to offer this more realistic scenario. It might help you get over your anxiety. And kiss him when you're comfortable.

    • I recommend trying to snuggle a bit before getting your head all fixated on the first kiss. Snuggling will make it easier for you to build a connection where you can communicate your innermost thoughts. It'll kind of help put you both at ease.

    • Snuggling and playfulness. Joke with each other, tease each other, and then sit close to each other, lean your head on his shoulder, that sort of thing. That'll help too. At some point kissing will feel naturally if it plays out right.

  • Only you can tell if you are attracted to him (have the spark)


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  • I think yes. Your anxiety is stopping you.