Boyfriend took frustration out on me?

He is aggravated with his dad and took his frustrations out on me. I am hurt by what he did and don't know what to say too him other than I need space. I am very hurt by what he did. I asked for space today because I am hurt. We've been together 4 months and I know he has a lot going on. No job, no place to live, and no car because he gave his dad his only vehicle.

This is belowy standards of what I will put up with. I gave him a choice as I don't have time for this. I know he's seeking a job.


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  • There is no excuse period. He has no right regardless. He owes you an apology, but it doesn't look like a good sign. I would say if it happens again then maybe its time to reconsider your relationship.


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  • Yea he is stressed! I would say give him space if he physically hurt you that is not good! Just because he has no money etc doesn't mean there aren't jobs out there people are always hiring he needa to get it together