Why don't women date Asian men?

I mean, white girls, black girls, Latina girls, and especially, ASIAN girls! I know there are even sociological statistics taken that prove this, so please don't tell me, "I have an Asian friend and he dates EVERYONE." I know they exist out there (even I have only dated white and black women), but it's REALLY hard to find them.

This question is coming from a guy who is pretty confident in himself, is not BAD-looking, and whom most people say is an intelligent, interesting guy to talk to.

I think I know the answers, but I want YOUR opinions. :-)


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  • Most american women hate asian guys. Their parents told them that asian guys are subhumans. Hollywood, MTV and the American mass media are telling them the same things.

    not only that, they also have small d***s as well.

    An asian guy who dates EVERYONE is an exception. Most asian men are hated by American women.

    So american women hate asian guys, sorry dude the truth hurts.

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      .. I'm American.. I love Asian guys. >>; The 'truth' is a bald-headed lie.