Help me! What should I do?

So i was making out with a guy ( we never really went out on a date) for around 3 weeks and the last week he was ignoring me completely. I tried talking to him and everything. We both work at the same nightclub. And after work we went ti have a drink as a group and he still kept ignoring me all the time. So i was hanging out with two of my friends (both guys ) and i was telling them how he was ignoring me and all. As i left to go to the office to fet my wage with ohe of the guys, he pulled me to the wall and wanted to make out. As soon as tis happened the guy im dating was behind me. He told me that im worse than the other girls as i cheated on him in front of him. I didn't really cheat and it was an accident. What should i do? Cause now i faught with the guy i was dating and I actually feel really bad about it cause i could have gone straight home after i finished. And i also realized how much he could have been the one.


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  • You messed up. Boyfriend is gone forever and other dude just wants to get laid. Don't do it to the next boyfriend. Good luck!


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  • If you kissed him back, it was not an accident.

    • That is the point. I didn't kiss him back. I just put my head down and pushed back.