My crush likes one of my best friends. Sigh. Cliche, right?

I've liked this guy in my class for a couple of months now. We talk and text quite a lot, but I've always thought he's sort of out of my league (physically, too - he's more than a foot taller than I am! xD). Lately, though, he's started paying more attention to me, even flirting. My closest friends say it's obvious he likes me, but I'm still not convinced.
But yesterday, one of my best friends told me that she likes him (and she doesn't know about my crush on him). They don't talk as much, but she's way more his type. And today at school, the two of them were flirting and talking for at least an hour, sitting close together, and seeing them really hurt (stupid, because I have no "claim" over him, do I?).
Should I give up now and avoid getting my heart broken? Or should I still hope, even though I could end up resenting them both?


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  • You should tell your friend that you like this boy. From there talk it out with her and let her know how it feels. Then the two of you can decide if it's okay for you both to pursue him and whoever he ends up with you'll show your support. Or, you can both choose to avoid him overall and spare yourselves any possible drama.


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  • You, your best friend, and your crush - Threeway it is


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  • You could Set her Straight, Being she is a Bestie that You... Have this Crush on him.
    However, even if She knew, how Much of a Pink Swear 'Bestie' would she Be to Leave Him... Be?
    In Reference to Him in my own Opinion, he is "Crushing" on all Galleries of Girls because he has No "Claims" on Any One he Likes Best from the Rest.
    Good luck. xx