Was it wrong to send that text to him?

My boyfriend and I broke up on Thursday and because I found out about some things and I broke up with him. Which he a big liar. So last on Thursday I sent him a long text and he never replied back and I told him I was going to block his number and then I send him a photo of showing I block his number and then I unblock right way to see if he would say anything back and he never did. So today I decide to have the courage to send him a text saying this " Even though it is over, I feel that you should give me explanation for playing me, if you didn't want anything serious why didn't you just tell me that in the beginning? Me sending this text takes a lot of courage after everything. I would like to have my closure with giving me explanation. I think I deserve that. And if you decide not give me one by not replying back, then this my last text. I'm not bitter nor sad. I just see it has God has a different plan" I wanted to get closure after everything and I sent that message at 7.22am and now it is 10:42am. Was it wrong for me to send that, we were dating for 6 to 7 months and now I feel stupid. I just need advice should think that he will never reply back or just wait it out and see?

Please and I get some Feedback on this


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  • It wasn't "wrong" of you but it was kinda stupid because he clearly doesn't care and isn't gonna give you an answer.

  • Why don't think he's going to answer you cuz most guys don't. A lot of guys don't see it as they did something wrong and if you break up with them they're just done with you. Your best hope is just to move on and find someone that is worth your time