Experienced girls, if you dated an inexperienced guy would you cut him some slack?

If you dated a guy who's never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl and all that would you be ok with him being nervous and not knowing what he's doing. And I am not just talking about getting initmate I am also talking dating and talking in general. He hasent talked to many girls before so he doesn't know what to say, how to be smooth, how to flirt and how to make you laugh and interested like a very experienced guy would be able to.
Would you give him time to grow and get used to you or its a no go?


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  • Being promiscuous or in and out of relationships would be a deal-breaker, inexperience isn't a deal breaker. It doesn't mean a guy isn't capable of having a great relationship just coz he's never been in one.

  • I would date someone for who they are not their experience. it's a learning experience with new people anyway as everyone has different needs and preferences