Opinions on this double date?

I went on a double date the other night, my friend has been seeing her guy for a few weeks and I was meeting my date for the first time (friend of my friends guy). Unfortunately, my date at the end of the night was getting too aggressive, and when I was pulling away from him he kept pulling me back and trying to force his tongue down my throat. My friends guy claims he didn't know any part of what was going on (although he was with us the entire time) and thought we were really hitting it off. I personally do not believe that is the truth. Anyone else been on a double date and completely oblivious to what the other couple was doing? I almost feel like him not steeping in at all and getting his friend to back off he is partly to blame... or am I being too harsh?


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  • If you felt like the date was getting too aggressive, there's nothing harsh about saying so. Clearly the date wasn't working, although the effort seemed nice.


What Girls Said 1

  • Of course it's bad. You're friend should have done something! That friend is really an awful person (no offense) and your date should go to hell. It's never okay too force yourself onto somone. My advice, cut all your contact to both of the people.