Where would be some good spots to meet women that I could ask on a date?

I'm a college sophomore, and the first quarter of summer classes are over and I wanted to start getting out and meeting women. The main problem is, I'm in a rather small city... The college is nearly abandoned during the summer, and I've already scouted it out for anyone worth getting to know but I've came up empty handed... Any ideas of where i can meet women where it isn't a really crowded space?
NOTE* do not say online dating because I'm already doing that and I have 5 accounts I check daily...


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  • Go to places you enjoy so you can find common interests with the person you want to date

    • I don't really enjoy any public places. That's kinda the problem.

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    • Considering I can't afford therapy anymore, or prescription. As for the being alone part, I have been prone to attempted suicide in the past, and that's what isolated me. That's why I'm terrified to be alone.

    • I see I don't know what kind of job you have but maybe get up the ladder a little so you can make more or get a new wine altogether if you aren't happy there anyway. Because money will buy the therapy. You aren't suicidal anymore then? Obviously the people that didn't stick by you weren't meant to be in your life.

  • Library, coffee shops, bookstores, mall, parks, bus, on the street... Literally everywhere.

    • I've tried the library, no one is in there. There is one coffee shop in this town, and no one I find worth speaking to is there. I don't ride the bus because there is no bus system in this town. Only pan handlers on on the streets anymore.

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    • Isn't there a bigger place close-by within easy driving distance?

    • The closest interesting town/city is a hour and a half away.

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  • Every friend you make who, in turn, has friends is a gateway to women. For example, bars are horrible places to meet girls. However, they're not horrible places to make buddies who might, say, invite you to an event where you can meet girls, or more make more guys friends who will do the same.

    If you have the right kind of social aggressiveness and pursue friends more than women, you can potentially meet a lot of nice women on the way and have your pick.

    • Eh... I've never been able to be friends with men. Especially in my age group. Elderly men are really the only males I hang around because they're intellectual, whereas college guys... Just aren't.

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    • Ehh... Nah. I'm not into having to keep multiple friend/connections that's too much for me. Honestly I'm only able to focus on one person at a time in a conversation or anything like that otherwise I'm completely overwhelmed. It's the same way for hobbies or anything like that. I can't do but one thing at a time.

    • That raises the challenge quite a bit. In that case, I think interest groups might work. In those cases, the emphasis is not so much on socializing but people with a common interest. I never tried those, like book clubs and all that, but that might be a good route for you.