Guys, No Call next day after sex?

I've been dating a guy steadily for 8 months, neither is looking for marriage, we talk daily and ho out weekly schedules permitting. We have great sex and I always let him know I'm very satisfied. However, I've noticed that after sex I don't hear from him the next day, otherwise we talk every day. Any insight guys?


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  • I'm going to assume you mean 'go out' not 'ho out'.

    Anyway, there's a change in the brain chemistry when a man reaches climax. There's a release of what I like to call 'happy drugs' such as dopamine and oxytocin, some of the most addictive shit on the planet. Once a man comes down off of that high, he has a moment of clarity. Without the sex drive to influence his thinking, he takes stock of everything he did to achieve that high and wonders: 'Was that really worth all the investment?'

    Sometimes the answer is yes, most of the time it's a resounding no. You ever hear the phrase 'pussy makes you stupid'? This is what they're talking about. He's not calling you the next day because he doesn't think he has to. Didn't you guys just do the horizontal tango? Didn't he just go and spend a bunch of time with you? Do you really want him to get all clingy and weepy after sex? I don't think you do.

  • Bam wham, bye bye mam baha