Have you ever had or been a rebound, did it workout, what happen when it was over?

I know I shouldn't rushed into this relationship after a long term one, but the high of someone new got to me. For the first 5 months I thought I was in love with this new person, but one day I woke up every little thing she did reminded me of my ex. We're about to hit our 6 months Mark but I no longer feel the same about her like I did the couple of months.

tbh my heart is still with my ex. Have anyone ever experiance this? How long did it last? Did you return to where your heart was telling you to go


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  • It never works.


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  • In my opinion and I've bee in these a couple of times before on both ends, IT NEVER WORKS OUT. Believe me people just latch on to peo0ple to not feel alone and it's unhealthy and never conducive to a long lasting relationship.