Does it really matter if you're dating a girl who's slept around in the past?

This applies both ways but I wanted to know that if it's a girl if it matters. I recently found out that my current girlfriend of 5 months slept around in her past, she's grown so its expected. she's 29 and with the way that people are nowadays does it really matter if your current girlfriend or S/O slept around in the past? And if so why>?

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  • If it matters to YOU, then it matters.
    If it doesn't matter to YOU, then it doesn't matter...

    Because really, who's dating her? YOU or the people who will give you their opinion? ? Who's fucking her now? YOU or them?

    Think about it!!!

    Me for example: for the most part it wOuLD!! Most definitely matter!! But that's just me. I wouldn't want some guy who has been with so many women... Ewk!! I wouldn't need to ask others if it's ok or not, because their opinions wouldn't make a difference in how I honestly feel about this. A person who has been with many partners can potentially make you sick (stds) even if they themselves are not infected or sick... It's just fact. And that's sad... And gross to me. So that's my personal opinion...


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  • Yes it does, guys could have feelings for her, the guys friends want a peice of that, she might keep her options open, she's used material so unless your packing good luck, sex life has to meet her standards cause she could had better, and more stuff. Or say none of it don't happen. Well you still got the fact that where mouth been and what ever else disease she might have. I don't know man. Me its a no go.


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  • Doesn't matter

  • Yes. Yes it does. I knew this girl who had slept with 15 dudes between turning 18 and 19. It was nasty. I was like, "no, this is a hoe, I can't, omfg, ew!"

  • It doesn't matter if she's slept around in the past, as long as she's my type. Heck, I'd let her sleep around still, but she has to let me know.

  • Be careful