Does he like me more than just a friend?

This guy I dated a few years back has began to talk to me recently more. We've always stayed friends, and we recently went out for a drink together. I was running late, my car wasn't going. He told me to not take an uber he'd pick me up and told me he was looking for the big tree because he remembered where I lived when he dropped me off years ago. We have the drink and he insists of paying and as he's dropping me off he tells me he wants to do a movie night and warned me he likes to cuddle. And we hug.

So I can't really read him. I think he was just being nice about the car ride but the buying my drink I didn't expect or mentioning of cuddling. What are his intentions?


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  • Best you ask him directly. You are not supposed to be able to "read" him to begin with.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he does.