He doesn't want to date, he doesn't want to hang out, but he texts me?

He never wants to go out on dates or we plan something he always cancels. He doesn't want to invite me to hang out with him and his other friends unless it's just at his house. But he texts me all the time. We can text for hours sometimes. Am I just the girl he goes to when he's bored? When I stop talking to him and tell him to leave me alone because he gives me mixed signals and I'm just not into this weird situation, he then tells me he misses me. What's the deal?


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  • he could be extremely shy about dating or have some fear of commitment

    or he simply isn't THAT into you but when he wants attention or an ego boost he contacts you


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  • yeah he texts you when he's bored for an ego boost. it makes him feel good knowing that someone likes him, even if he doesn't like you back. stop wasting your time with him and block him. you deserve a guy who can't wait to hang out with you and loves being around u

    • I agree. I already felt it was about his ego but I guess confirmation from someone else is always helpful.


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  • He's probably already dating someone and you're just the backup option in case things go wrong with the other girl

    • So annoying. Cause I was okay with just being friends. I thought he was kinda cool and would be fun to hang out with. Guys are so weird. They say that we get emotionally involved but guess he couldn't even manage just to be friends.

  • Just stop texting him.