Should I leave my girlfriends sloppy house?

I have been living with my girlfriend and her family ever since our 9 month old son was born but she house is such a mess. Her house isn't Dirty though, sloppy is a better word. Her and her mom are constantly buyying things that they don't need and just leavi g them lying around the house. She also lives with her dad, sister, and 2 brothers and anytime someone brings up cleaning the house or for instance her picking up all the stuff on the livingroom floor she gets pissed off. We sleep in the living room because her room (which is also her sisters room) you can't even walk into because both of them have shit everywhere. I helped her clean there room once and a month later it went back to looking like an episode of hoarders literally. Its June but she still has winter coats and boots all over the livingroom floor and when I start picking stuff up her mom just sits there watching and she starts yelling at me. "I'll do it later!!!" Her and her mom are both extremly lazy. Me and her dad had the livingroom cleanand organized at a time but she ruined that about 2 weeks later. Our son is going to be able to walk soon and my home which isn't far is so clean but she refuses to live there with him. I want to be in my sons life but can't live under these circumstances. What should I do? I thought about having child services come see the house and force her to let the baby live with me but that would be a bitch move. I'm more of a man than that. Someone tell me what to do


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  • Take your child out. It's super dangerous when he starts walking. This maybe a good motivation to clear things. Hire a company to clear things if you had to.

  • Anonymously call CPS. And sorry, that's nasty.


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