Girl from college asked me on a drink?

We don't se each other much at college. We are in the same year but taking different classes now. I borrowed her some notes at the begining of school year (for some classes I already did).
Few weeks ago she texted me saying that my notes really halped her and that she is inviting me on a drink so she will return me my notes. I text her Ok, tell me when you will have time to meet and she replied Maybe next week? and I said that is ok for me.

But then that week she didn't send anything. What does that mean? Was that like friendly invitation or she ment like a date? Is she waiting for me to ask her when she has time or what?
We never hung out alone yet, we see each other at college occasionally and talk a little.

She had boyfriend for more than 3 years, they broke up a few months ago.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Mm I would just send her a text to remind her. A good part of me thinks she was waiting for you to contact her about it (or she could of forgotten). Maybe it was her being friendly and a thank you for the notes or something. Nothing big

  • I guess she was not that serious about it. Or maybe she got some important to do now. Text her and ask dear


What Guys Said 1

  • She probably regrets inviting you or she simply forgot. If she was interested though she would not have forgotten so there's no way she's interested. People who are interested would make a better effort to remember.