Why is he spending too much money when I'm not his gf?

I've been going on several dates with this guy for nearly a month. Though, we're not exclusive yet we like each other's company.

What I'm kind of wondering is the way he spends his money. He has a very busy schedule, can only be after 6pm and we've been going out on 4 dates so far, all of which he refused to let me pay my share (on the first 2 dates, he had to repeat twice that I don't have to pay so I stopped offering afterwards). The total ranging from $80 to $150.

Does anyone have an explanation to this? Even though he didn't let me pay, do I still own him something, like maybe buy him a gift?

I don't mean to jump to conclusions but this is new and I can't help wondering what's up with this particular guy. On the first date, I expected maybe a quick hang-out or coffee shop (or a date where we both split our bills), had no idea it was going to be an $80 dinner.


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  • If you offer to pay your share, and he insists on paying it all, then YOU DO NOT OWE HIM ANYTHING. You don't need to buy him a gift. The next time you go out, you should say "Since you paid for the meal last time, let me handle the bill this time!" and offer to pay for him.

    Maybe he has a good job and has this money to spend, so he doesn't mind buying you a fancy meal. But as long as you don't expect him to pay for you all the time or force him to go to expensive places, then you definitely don't owe him. It's his choice to spend the money. All you can do is offer to pay your share or offer to pay for him next time. If he refuses that, you still don't owe him.

    • Thank you and nope I'm not the one into the expensive places. He's the one that keeps selecting expensive restaurants.
      I'm going to offer to pay for him on the next date.


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  • He is over trying to impress you.

  • Prolly neber got laid lol

  • This guy sounds like a bitch

  • No. He loves to be a servant. I don't think you can dislike to be served.
    It's all fine.


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  • It sounds to me like, @Springsummer, that he's Not only a Big Spender but a Guy with a Huge Try who is Also... A Keeper.
    You both have Something Special that I believe that he Saw the First Night. And he Felt that with a Not so little an '$80 dollar Dinner' it would be a Winner and he has Now... Caught your Eye with him being this Great kind of Guy that I can see that he is.
    Many Toms Today will Just do Joe because they do not Know if it's going to be Worth anything More until they Make... Sure.
    However, this Joe already Knew the Minute you both sat down to Paint the Town.
    He may not know what you Both are at the Moment, but the More you are Together, the More he will Know where it will Go.
    Good luck and Great Going. xx

  • Because he's trying to be a good guy, duh.