How to be a good listener A question for the ladies?

I haven't, had many serious relationships wondering.. How too humble myself down a bit.


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  • Well there's nothing wrong with confidence, and girls are attracted to confident guys, however we hate cocky guys, so I guess just make sure she gets time to talk and express how she's feeling as much as you do and you should be fine

  • Just act like you care :D


What Guys Said 1

  • I know this was targeted at women, but I've grown to learn some of this over the years. Maybe I can offer how to make the adjustments as a male, at least what I think, and maybe some females can point out things I missed.

    With women it helps to really pay close attention to their mood and not just the words coming out of their mouth. It's critical to look at body language, kind of try to put yourself in her shoes, try to imagine things from her viewpoint.

    A lot of women might often insist on listening to words but I think what they really want besides that is to feel validated, that you can empathize or at least sympathize with what they're feeling. So it helps to kind of be like a psychologist and acknowledge their feelings: "I understand you must feel very upset", this sort of thing.

    Last but not least, when all things fail and things start heating up, it can be good to hug and cuddle. It's tempting sometimes to think like, "WTF is she on about? She's acting so irrationally!" and want to distance yourself and kind of find a peaceful place. But if you hug her, you might find she goes from being angry to kind of melting in your arms and telling you what's actually bothering her.

    • For the hugging part, think of it like boxing. Same kind of rationale when the opponent is throwing a flurry of punches.

    • LMAO! 😂