I have a feeling that my crush has a crush on my best friend, how do I cooperate with this?

My best friend has known that I've been liking this girl since her and I last hung out. Every time her and I get a chance to hang out, even though we do have a great time it's like she's giving him signals. I honestly don't want to keep liking her because even though I try my best to take care of this lady it just doesn't make any difference between her and I. I've been wanting to tell her how I feel but every time I do I just swallow my own tongue and say another thing I didn't mean. My best friend is not attracted to her, she's just not his type of girl. He's even told me that even if I didn't like her he still wouldn't try to make an attempt to flirt because he just doesn't feel the same way for her. Yet if I got the chance for her and I to be alone than I know I'd try to give her signals (like I haven't already). I've been doing what I can to show her how I feel, but now that I think about the way she's trying to send signals I'm kind of disappointed in myself for liking her. Last time her and I hung out she asked me if I liked her, I gave her an indirect response saying "what would happen if I did like you?" She didn't listen to my answer and either said this out of pressure or honesty, but she just went from barely getting out of a relationship, not feeling the same way about me, still not moving on from her past relationship. Right after she had said everything and the bus she was getting home came, all I simply said to her was that "about your question about me liking you, my answer is yes" gave her a hug and left to my house. Before she left I told her to text me when she got home just so I know she got home safe. The look on her face seemed like she wanted to cry. I wanted to day something but I just remained quiet and let her go on the bus.


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  • Ignore it or talk to your friend about it.

    • I've spoken to him already, but all he pretty much said is to not lose hope and keep fighting for this girl if I really like her as much as I say I do. I feel like my mistake is not letting her know that I like her. I really want her but if it's not meant to be than I won't be the one to force it on her.

  • Did she text you?

    • Yes, after she had gotten home she had texted me letting me know that she got home safe. I told her that it was okay, it was great seeing her again, and said goodnight. I haven't texted her a week after that because i've been thinking if it'd be a good idea or not. After that night we haven't texted each other. (Last week)

    • It seems she's confused but she does like you. If she didn't she wouldn't have bothered texting you. Girls tend to think the guy should be the one making the first move. X

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