I really want to settle down but can't meet anyone?

I'm almost done college (one more year) and I've always wanted to marry young and start a family, as in have at least one baby before 25. But it's hopeless. I've never been on an official date and the one guy I fell in love with from being friends with didn't love me back. I really don't wanna be in my 30s when I marry. I feel it's wayyy too old especially if I want kids. I don't wanna be in my 50s/60s when they're graduating high school. Not to mention pregnancy has more risks at an older age. I heard women are most fertile when they're young and I'm wasting my years that I'd get the most out of sex and being able to have kids and have the energy to run around with little kids. Everyone else my age is getting married and having kids.

Is there anything I can do to make myself more approachable? I'm quiet/shy but some people think of me as rude. I go to college, I work, I'm part of a church so I'm constantly around people but just no guys are interested. What's wrong with me? And no, not doing online dating.


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  • I'm in the same situation, to a degree. I'll be going to grad school in 2018 so yeah... Dating is just too damn difficult these days. Especially for those who are reserved and quiet.
    Why don't you try approaching men? Honestly, it's every guys dream to be approached.


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  • You should probably attempt talking to more people.


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  • Depends on where you are from? I wonder if where you are from people are just not nice?

    • I'm from the US, but since I'm in a school away from my home state I have two homes. When I'm in my home state I'm at my parents, but I have my own place where my school is so I've definitely gotten out.

  • You think you have it hopeless? I'm an Asian American men and the white women don't want to do with me.


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