Is he being friendly or is he interested?

so there is a realtor that has been helping me find a new apartment. he keeps asking me very personal questions like whats the status on my relationship with my kids father whats my plans for the future what i like to do etc when he comes to give me applications he stays for a hour to 2 hours just talking about random things. well the other day he was late coming to get paper work and he was really apologetic and kept apologizing i kept saying it was fine no worries but he offered to take me to get my son from school which i found nice. when he dropped me off he said i wanna ask u something and i looked at him and waited he then said he forgot what he was gunna say so i go to get out of his car and he said hey wanna go get coffee with me to make up for being late i said i would go but am confused as to what his intentions are is he being friendly or is he interested


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  • He's interested. At least I'm 99.99% sure. The guy clearly likes you but I think it's more than just a friend. He wants to look like a nice gentlemen with respect. Also, the way he asked you to go get coffee was a "smart" way of "asking you out" I think. it's a way to see if YOU are interested in him and it's not an official date so things won't be awkward if they don't go as he planned (you liking him back). Think about it-if you don't flirt with him and go behind treating him like a friend he will just behave as if he just wanted to have coffee with a new friend of his when he really wants to have a relationship with you. (Easiest way to not get directly rejected and embarrassed in front of you) so if you like him back definitely flirt and stuff and see where things go from there. If not, just be a friend and don't confuse him with flirting so he thinks you want to date.
    NOTE:if he is just being a friend afterall i would be blown out of my mind 😱
    Best of luck😎

    • I should have also mentioned that when he asked me what I like to do I said I like to draw and he asked me to draw him a picture lol and he still has it

    • Yeah, like most people said (actually all I think)... HE LIKES YOU. Now the only question remaining is-do you like him back. Just from this he sounds like a fair guy that isn't immature, isn't playing hard to get or any of that stupid 💩. He's just wanting to get to know you more and more because he is interested and hopes you are too.

  • He really likes you

    • How do guys show there interested it's been 8 years since I've last dated lol

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  • I think he's interested in you...2 hours talking then giving you a ride then the coffee date. No question about.